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Spinning reel not smooth

Owner Mark Minshall spends a lot of time winding new line and replacing worn-out bearings, which are two of the biggest reasons reels fail to perform properly.

Minshall says some issues are more common than others and while most fixes are fairly simple, many can be prevented with basic maintenance. Spinning reels and baitcaster reels each have their own performance problems.

Here are the 10 most common reel performance problems and how to fix them based on your style of reel. Line twist is the most common problem in spinning reels and can happen for several reasons including ong-term general use. Some lures, like in-line spinners twist the line if the shaft of the lure is not straight.

Line twist occurs when the lure, rather than the blade, spins in the water as you reel-in and cast. Line twist also occurs when spooling new line by hand which can result in uneven and often loose line distribution. Line twist is a common problem for closed-face spinster reels with tangling beneath the cap. FIX : If you have line twist, the best remedy is to strip off old line and apply new with a professional machine for a tight and uniform wind.


One of the biggest mechanical failures in spinning reels happens with the internal bail springs. When the return spring fails to flip the bail back open, the bail springs are likely damaged.

This can happen from impact or from long-term use. It is important to note that a problem with the bail functionality, could be from the bail wire, not the bail spring, so it is important to first check for external bending of the exposed wire before disassembling the reel to repair the spring. FIX : Bail springs are simple and inexpensive to replace.

spinning reel not smooth

If you have an older model reel, replacement parts can be difficult to find, but usually a reel repair expert can recommend a good substitute. Braided lines are quite popular and becoming more common. While extremely durable, braided lines have no stretch which can result in tangles as the line slips around the spool. New users may not know that the slick line does not adhere easily to the spool.

Braided line requires some anchoring for the highest performance. FIX : Apply a backing directly onto the reel to serve as a grip for braided line. You can use a few wraps of monofilament line on the base of the spool before you wrap the braided line, or use electrical tape.

Both options provide easy backing to prevent line slippage. Many anglers simply use the wrong size of line for their reel. It is important to go by the manufacturer's recommendation. Using a line that does not fit the reel can inhibit performance and cause tangles and casting issues.To determine if this is the issue secure spool by holding thumb on spool rim and see if line can be pulled from spool.

Note: To increase the longevity of the drag system the star drag should be loosened when reel is not in use. Troubleshooting Baitcast Reels Spool will not rotate when handle is turned Star Drag is not tight enough to activate spool.

Inadequate lubrication on gears or bearings. Gears stripped or damaged. Oil or grease on drag washers. Braided line slipping on spool.

Oil spool shaft ends. Lubricate level wind cog post on the inside of the left side plate. Spool cap tension shims are worn. Check spool bearings for smoothness or corrosion. Line guide pawl and or worm gear are worn or damaged. Line guide pawl cap is loose. Possible damage to level wind cog gear. Broken Thumb bar or Push button return spring.

Dirty or under lubricated clutch return system. Clutch return arm is worn. Spool cap tension shims worn. Spool tension adjusted too tight. Check spool bearings for smoothness and corrosion. Excess dirt or oil on spool shaft or spool lip. Spool tension knob not adjusted properly. Magnetic cast control is not adjusted properly. Centrifugal cast control is not adjusted properly.

Tangled line when casting Spool is overfilled with line. Line size being used is too large for the reel. Memory set in line. Bail wire is bent out of shape. Bail spring broken or weak.In Fisherman. Moreover, it can help you through tough fish battles as it has a maximum drag power of 33 pounds —which is pretty impressive relative to its weight.

With a 5. Lightweight, efficient, and very affordable, the KastKing Sharky III is simply one of the best ultralight reels on the market. Check Price at Amazon. Moreover, its aluminum spool is braid-ready and ported so that you can braid directly to it without having backed it with mono line. Plus, the soft-touch knob made it easy to keep a solid grip on it. The G-Free body design is used on this model as well to maximize comfort. It comes with an advanced CoreProtect degree water-resistant coating, so you can use it to fish in either saltwater or freshwater with no worries.

The 2 Shimano A-RB roller bearings and 6 S A-RB shielded stainless steel ball-bearing work together to provide an amazingly stable and smooth fishing experience in co-operation with the amazing line management system. On top of that, no back play happens in the reel as the Super Stopper II anti-reverse ensures solid hooksets.

How to clean and oil a spinning reel

It will definitely give you great value for your money. The cold-forged Hagane gears on the Shimano Sedona FI enhance its performance while the Hagane gearing guarantees the strength and durability of the reel. And while it can be very handy in a quick battle with its 5. One of the most impressive things about the Shimano Sedona FI is its propulsion line management system. With an improved spool lip design, the casting distance is maximized, all while eliminating backlashed and wind-knot formation.

A corrosion-resistant body and a cyclonic flow rotor design to get more airflow through the ported rotor and prevent water from entering the reel are what make the Okuma Ceymar C so durable. Moreover, the precision elliptical gearing system increases the maximum cast distance as well as accuracy.

Mix that with the accurate gear alignment system and you get absolutely uniform drag pressures during operation. To make casts and drags smooth, the Okuma Ceymar C is equipped with 7 ball bearings and a roller bearing. And to make your battles quick and effective, its gear ratio is 5. The Okuma Ceymar C is a great micro spinning reel under 50 bucks. The reason behind that is that it comes with 8 ball bearings and a roller bearing that make its operation as smooth as silk.

On top of that, it uses a Rocket line management system and a machined aluminum braid-ready Rocket spool.Join us now! Forgot Your Password? Forgot your Username? Haven't received registration validation E-mail?

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spinning reel not smooth

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How to Fix a Fishing Reel That Won't Reel In

New Angler. Spinning Reels What is everyones favorite spinning reels? Im looking for a good quality spinning reel somewhere around a hundred bucks and am just looking for others opinions. Pro Angler. I have a few Okuma Integra reels that are very smooth with a great drag. Some of there lower priced reels are not too great but mid priced and above are a good choice.

Carpet Bagger. Pfluger president reels are great i just bought 4 of them and already cranked in a bunch of walleyes on them. Awesome drags and smooth action.We hope you love the products we recommend. Just so you know, OnTrack Fishing may earn an affiliate commission from the links on this page, at no extra cost to you. A great day of fishing should be mostly about the quality time spent with friends and family, enjoying great weather, and experiencing the adventure of a lifetime — not worrying about your equipment.

Fishing reels can be challenging items to shop for, particularly because there are so many excellent options on the market. Reel selection is, in many cases, more important than rod selection when fishing inshore. While inshore spinning reels can be used in any kind of water, they are usually designed and used for saltwater fishing.

Making sure you have the proper spinning reel for your trip can make the difference between a fun fishing excursion, and one that is filled with hassles. A high-quality reel can handle any size fish, allowing you to reel it in with relative ease and comfort without having to worry about that larger fish snapping your line.

It will hold up to the pressures of saltwater, made out of materials like carbon, aluminum, or stainless steel, and will be sealed to help prevent water from getting into the inner portions of the reel. The strong, smooth drag provided by a good inshore spinning reel will help you land the biggest fish — making it easier to reel in and land the monster fish of your dreams.

While you can use any type of bait with your reel and this will vary depending on what kind of fish you are hoping to catchmost people use topwater plugs, live bait, or light jig heads. You want a pole that can break down easily, and comes without a lot of bells and whistles, as these generally make the reel harder to tote and carry. Front drag reels tend to be easier to use and more consistent, as are reels that place the bottom line on top.

When it comes to materials, most reels are made out of aluminum, stainless steel, graphite, or magnesium. Aluminum is a lighter, stronger metal that will hold up to any kind of water, and graphite is another good albeit slightly heavier option. Many reels are built with stainless steel components, which can add a nice flair to an otherwise drab reel.

This will help you get more longevity out of your reel, saving you both money and headaches down the road. While inshore spinning reels vary drastically in terms of their cost, the very best will be affordable and built to last.

A good reel will be one that can adapt to several different types of rods, from those that are more portable and designed for travel to those that are more rigid in structure. Finally, drag is an important feature that cannot be overlooked, and should instead be placed at the top of your list of considerations.

This reel is best known for its superior technology, rising above comparison with improved gear durability and overall casting performance. While you can use the Shimano Stradic in any setting, it is best at producing long, accurate casts without a choppy feel. This inshore fishing reel was designed with rigid resin materials and incorporates state-of-the-art technology. It has a Carbon Matrix drag system, which makes your drag performance more efficient while also allowing for quick retrievals.

Made out of a finely engineered blend of stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon, this reel is resistant to corrosion and operates smoothly while at the same time being one of the more attractive reels on the market. This alloy holds up to all kinds of pressure, heat, torque, and corrosion, allowing you to get years of use out of the reel without needing to replace it.

The reel also has a titanium bail that is held shut with a magnet, preventing you from accidentally tripping the cast to an abrupt and usually unwanted stop. Made out of resilient SCR alloy, this reel is rigid and rugged without compromising lightness or function. It includes a sealed drag system that, despite being lightweight less than eight ounces!If you're looking for the best saltwater spinning reel inyou've come to the right place.

They are made of high-end corrosion-resistant materials that are different from freshwater reels. With so many options, finding the best rated saltwater spinning reel can get tricky quickly. Whether you're on a budget, like to fish inshore or offshore, have a specific brand in mind or something else, we have got you covered. Read on; if you want to have a good time reeling in some big saltwater fishes. These days, we see several brands offering their top rated saltwater spinning reels.

Some manufacturers have been in the industry longer than others, making them well reputed when it comes to quality. Still, this is challenging for beginner anglers, in particular, who might not know where to start. We went through thousands of actual buyer reviews and spoke to a lot of anglers about there fishing reel recommendations.

spinning reel not smooth

Took the top products they recommended and added our research to come up with the top 10 spinning reels for saltwater. You may have the best bottom rig setup but without a proper fishing reel, your attempts of bottom fishing may be ineffective.

An ideal bottom fishing reel comes with a high line capacity, high gear ratio and is built sturdy. Enter Shimano Saragosa SW, an excellent saltwater spinning reel that works well for a lot of fishing applications including bottom fishing.

spinning reel not smooth

To begin with, the line capacity of this reel is impressive with up to yards of 65 lb braid you can reach your target depth without any worry. The Saragosa SW is designed to tackle the toughest offshore species. With a stopping power of up to 44 lbs, you can easily tame most medium to large Snapper, Grouper, and Hogfish. The gear ratio is at 4. This makes the line retrieve very fast even from the seafloor.

In terms of casting, the Propulsion Line Management System reduces line friction thus increasing casting distance. It also helps reduce line twist, backlash and wind knots from forming. The reel features an aluminum body and a cold-forged aluminum spool making it lightweight and tough.

The S A-RB shielded ball bearing ensures a tight seal that eliminates sand, saltwater or other debris from entering.I am very fortunate for being involved in the fishing industry in one way or another for the last 25 years. Each year, new friends are met, and new relationships are started. I also get the pleasure to be of service to my growing family of long time repeat customers and friends. As comes to a close, The Reel Tech would like to thank all of my fishing reel and custom rod customers for keeping me so busy!

Thank you for your trust, confidence, and satisfaction. I am excited to continue growing The Reel Tech book of satisfied, happy, return customers in Chris Heller of AllAroundAngler. Knowing how much I enjoy Bendo shots, especially when the rod in the photo is a Reel Tech Custom, he sent this photo to me.

Fantastic shot of a Reel Tech Custom in a full arc…. During my troubleshooting process, I often notice that the reels are not adjusted properly to maximize the casting performance of the reel. An extensive cleaning and proper lubrication combined with proper reel adjustments will deliver all the desired free spool the customer could want. The common mis perception regarding the cast control knob is that if backing it off is supposed to increase the free spool, the more you back it off, the more freely the spool will spin.

This is not the case. To properly adjust the reel for the most optimum free spool, you need to first depress the thumb bar, or disengage the reel as if you were to make a cast. Place your thumb on the spool. Wiggle your thumb from left to right while depressing on the spool.

This noise is caused by the ends of the spool shaft knocking against the shims that lay under the bearings inside the side plate on both sides of the reel. Slowly tighten down the cast control knob while moving the spool back and forth with your thumb. The side to side movement of the spool will diminish as you tighten down the cast control knob. The idea is to tighten to the point where there is just the slightest movement back and forth. You will barely be able to hear or feel any more knocking as you move the spool under your thumb.

THIS is the setting where your reel will have its greatest free spool performance. Shown here is an Abu Revo. The cast control knob is located just behind the handle on the sideplate:.

Further tightening of the cast control knob beyond the optimal point will result in more pressure on the tips of the spool shaft, and slow down the spool. Further loosening of the cast control knob beyond the optimal point will result in the spool knocking back and forth during the cast as the line is coming off of the spool.

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